How It Works?

1. Register

The first step to list your RV lot for rent or sale is to register for a free account. You do not need an account to browse the ads on the website or to contact the sellers. If you still have questions or you are not completely sure what to do next, do not hesitate to click on the button below and contact us. You can expect an answer from us within 24 hours.






2. Submit Ad

After you have registered for a free profile, you can submit an ad by clicking the Submit Ad button in the top menu or in your profile you may select submit an ad.

  1. First, fill out the required information in the Basic Tab. You can select the call for the info button if you would like to have respondents contact you instead of listing a price.
  2. Then on the Location Tab you will list the location of the lot so customers can see its location on Google Maps.
  3. Then in the Category Tab please select if you are renting or selling an RV lot and the city you listed the lot in the previous location tab. There is additional information you may add to your profile in the Category Tab like lot size and payment you accept for a more detailed profile.
  4. The Media Tab allows you to upload pictures of your RV lot.
  5. Finally, agree to the Terms of the Website and Submit your ad listing on RV Lots 4 Rent.







3. Congratulations! Your Ad Is Live And Active

Once you submit an ad – it will immediately be live and active on the site. Please check your RV listing for accuracy to ensure respondents have the correct information. You can update and edit your ad on your profile page. Submitted ads are only active for 90 days and will expire after that time. You may renew your ad for another 90 days in your profile.


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Why isn’t my phone number visible on search?

We offer phone number protection that blocks malicious crawlers from auto collecting phone numbers. Clicking on a displayed phone number will safely reveal the rest of your phone number.






How do I update my picture or profile information?

Once you have logged in – click the link in the menu My Profile. This will take you to your profile dashboard. Next, select My Profile in the dashboard to update or change your profile information.






How do I update, delete, or renew my ad?

Once you have logged in – click the link in the menu My Profile. This will take you to your dashboard. Next, select My Ads to see a list of your submitted ads. Click Edit to update your listing. You can click the X next to the media tab to delete your ad or click the eye to hide your ad. You can also renew your expired ads or check their status in this section.